Business Models

Our WorkViteb offers three business models for executing the project they any client would like to outsource.

  1. Fixed price project
  2. Hourly based project
  3. Hire dedicated developers or designers on monthly basis

Fixed price project model

This outsourcing model is the most popular and widely accepted where the price of project is agreed up-front along with the scope of work. Once agreed client sends the initial payment deposit and get started on the project. The rest of the payment is released based on agreed project completion milestones.

Hourly based project

This model is popular for clients who have large long term projects to develop with on-going updates and changes during the development stage. Also this model is application for project which requires website maintenance and website upgrades and updates to be performed on regular basis. Client is charged on hourly basis and is billed on the number of actual hours being spent on the project to complete the project tasks.

Hire dedicated developers or designers on monthly basis

The hire dedicated model is for clients who are either looking to expand their in-house team of website designers and website developers based on the project work load or for those clients who have a fairly large project and would like to hire the team on a long term basis and take full control of the project planning, development and execution.

Send your RFP to us and we will recommend you which of the above business model suits your project need.

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