Website design case study: ABARIS Consulting



ABARIS Consulting, a facilitative management consulting firm since 1999 works with Private Companies, Government and Not-for-Profit sectors to address organizational challenges by working collaboratively with them, their staff and key stakeholders to collect and analyze data, to establish development plans to address the issues with effective implementation and management of results.


ABARIS Consulting website was initially built using old Joomla Content Management System which really was needed an upgrade from dated version as well as complexity of the website in terms of user-friendly experience, easy management of the content and new features additions. Here, the content organization was the main issue as per the structure designed for the website and was not really easy to manage from the backend as a small update was needed amendments at many places that was very tiresome process for the administrator of the website.


Initially Viteb started maintain the dated Joomla Content Management System used for the ABARIS Consulting website and found that maintenance was really lengthy process and to make it more simpler and less time consuming, Viteb recommended MODX Revolution which is again a Content Management System which is very scalable, customizable as per the needs of website information structure and very friendly to manage updates. The new ABARIS Consulting website developed using MODX Revolution is now very easy to understand the business. Comprehensive content organization for pages really satisfy visitors to get their required information out of the website. The website has excellent features like newsletter subscription where e-mail addresses are directly stored to iContact database, referral program form where data is e-mailed to predefined e-mail address and at the last but not least, newsletter archives for all different business sectors of the website.

The main features of ABARIS Consulting

  1. Referral Program Form
  2. Newsletter Subscription to iContact Database
  3. Newsletter Section
  4. Customized Page Templates like 2 column layout, 3 column layout, newsletter layout
  5. Extra field to add SEO related stuff like Title, Keywords, Descriptions, ALT tags, different header images for each page